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Headline from the Huffington Post

Sia Releases A Nude Photo Of Herself Before A Creep Can Sell It

Sia deserves all the fan support she is getting. She took a very brave stance against the illegal publication of her nude images.  In one of the best moves I’ve seen by a VIP to fight back against this form of publicity, Sia rendered the whole process down to its basest form.  Money.  By releasing for free what someone essential stole, Sia took all the money off the table.  Defeating the bad guys.  Kudos and well done. and its particularly its personal takedown services division has been helping clients through every major hack in the last decade.  The latest one being the iCloud leak in early 2017.  In every one of these leaks or hacks the personal images of celebrities were posted online without their permission.  All were very personal and intimate and definitely not ready for prime time or publication on the internet.

The reaction Sia took to combat a paparazzi “intimate” photo is one of the best ways to reduce the impact of the release of a celebrity image.  Its a very brave and bold step to take and hats off to Sia for fighting back.  If more people (which includes celebrities) were less concerned about the release of their personal content (as strange as that sounds) the less negative impact the publication of this kind of images or videos would have on everyone.

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